How to Pick Up on Online Poker Tells

The ability to pick up on poker tells when sitting face to face with opponents is one thing, but what about playing online? Believe it or not, there are some subtle hints that will give opponents away, just as long as players know what they are looking for.

Opponent Habits

Some of the opponents that players will come across online automatically think that they are completely obscure and that there is no possible way that anyone could call their bluffs. Of course, this is not true; these players often have habits that will give them away. For instance, an opponent who auto-checks before the flop, then suddenly raises big, is probably holding a good hand. Conversely, a player who raises before the flop and suddenly checks is likely holding only a mediocre hand.

Chat Feature

The chat option in many online poker rooms is the absolute first place that people should look for poker tells. If there is a player who is constantly asking questions, making comments that suggest they are new to the game or even commenting about the cards they are being dealt, they are likely a new player. Experienced players should never be afraid to exploit this weakness; even new players have to learn somehow.


The final thing that poker players should watch for when playing online is the obvious distractions that some opponents will have to contend with. These are simple enough to spot; players who are distracted will usually take their time with placing bets, checking or calling. They may even appear apologetic in the chat section of the poker room, as well. Again, players should never feel bad about taking advantage of these situations because an expert would leave the table when they are being distracted.

Online poker tells are actually easier to pick up on than many people think. By knowing exactly what to look for and exploit, it is quite possible for anyone to walk away with more money than they anticipated.